Deneale’s Book Buzz

Looking at the title of this book, you know there is something in store for you that is going to let you see into someone else’s life. The title alone leaves you to wonder if there will be a way out, after you open the cover, and begin reading. But wait, the cover then gets your attention. Divided in half, darkness and beauty, colors and nightfall. A scared little girl covering her ears in a field of sunflowers, and in the dirt path you see words such as: hurt, demons and angry. Now we know we within this book, we are in store for a story of something that someone went through, that they have decided to open up their heart, their world, and their lives to share with us.

Within this book, I could feel everything, even as a little girl that Maryya went through. I would cringe, and cry, laugh, and see the things as if I were right there with her, standing by her side. So many things she kept inside, so many things she didn’t understand, even today, there are still some.

Maryya reminisces through her childhood through poetry, and words both, recollecting pain, and hurt, and even good memories. She has written her words, not only so that she can move forward, but so that others can see, they too, are not alone.

Many people suffer from invisible diseases such as: depression, PTSD, postpartum depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, menopause, PMS, post and premenopausal, perimenopausal, pregnancy mood swings, grief, and many other ailments that can affect the mind; so many that there are actually too many to list! And sadly, there is not any perfected way to treat any of these symptoms, or signs, and disorders. Not to mention, it usually takes medical insurance and/or money to get the proper attention anyway.

Many times, by the time a person is or has become fed up with the World or a situation, it is usually too late. Many people resort to suicide, or lose the desire to live. Which when you read Maryya’s book, you will find that even she was led to feel that she wasn’t important enough, or needed, and wanted, or had a purpose, on several occasions.

Once when Maryya was quite young, she felt that she alone could raise her own sister better than he Mother could. So, she decided she had had enough, and took her sister and tried to run away. It was then that she ‘kind of’ realized that perhaps she needed help, but stubborn as she is/was, once they were found, she explained to her Mother, being honest, that more-or-less, she felt her Mother was too busy, and that she herself could do a much better job at Mothering her sister, because she was already doing it anyway.

As you may have noted, Maryya was not an only child, and as I stated, she was a stubborn one. She liked to make a difference, and felt she could if she tried.

In School, she experienced being bullied, because their Mother insisted that they wear the head gear making them ‘seem’ like ‘terrorists’ to the ‘normal’ people. Maryya put up with for quite some time, and her Father told her, ‘Just remember, you will grow up and become something of yourself, and the bad person will not. You’ll see one day.’ Maryya wrote, remembering in her book, as she seen the bully later in life, and she smiled when she seen her in the grocery store. She didn’t smile at her bully, but at herself, because her Father’s words had rung true in her head, when she had seen exactly what her bully had amounted to, and knowingly what Maryya herself had amounted to.

Maryya has gone through any things, and I do not wish to expose the entire book her in the review, what I want is for you to read it. I feel you need to. Because once you do, you too will be over whelmed. This book is truly an eye opener, and it will help you see that not everyone is the same, and yet, here we all are, suffering in one way or another. And Maryya tells us, yes, it is okay to talk about it, share, and let others know, that yes, we need help, and that we’re suffering, and need them. It is ok to reach out, and it is ok to speak up, because others need to know, and we need to support one another.

This book is a five-star read, especially for someone who has never published before. The poems are very deep and heart felt, and the words are very intriguing. You will be glad that you read this book, because there will be a part of you that can relate, I’ll bet on it.