Vanessa Taylor

"This book is more than just a masterpiece. I can't even put into words what this is. It is simply incredible. I read this book in less than five hours... no stopping to eat, change, cook, or even a bathroom break. I couldn't stop reading this amazing work of art, not even for just a… Continue reading Vanessa Taylor

One Amazon Customer

After reading this incredible story, I just had to leave a review. It really pulled me in. She speaks about her childhood, the challenges she faced growing up, relationships, depression, unique gifts and quite a few other interesting experiences that will surely have you feeling all sorts of emotions ranging from sadness, even anger to… Continue reading One Amazon Customer


Over the years I have read my fair share of books and for the first time I emotionally connected with the description of depression, loss and the impending doom that comes with anxiety. Mental health is constantly over looked and the complexity of how it affects your life. Psychotic imprisonment is a true reflection of… Continue reading Maria

John R Moore

As an Author of Books myself, it is rare to find a book that is so well written and insightful. Understanding Bipolar Depression is hard for anyone, but especially so for the sufferer. This account, this autobiography is gritty and real. The life story of the author is chilling to say the least. She shows… Continue reading John R Moore