Global Human Rights Campaign

Her resurrection from the realm of bipolar disorder and suicidal tendencies, Maryya has emerged into a very strong personality! Mentally and physically. She is now able to handle immense pressure with calmness and with ease. This quality she was gifted to her during her treatment and her will to fight with mental disorder. She displayed her fierce and courageous self during her recent encounter in Portugal, when she was humiliated in front of the world for her disapproval of wearing a bikini over choosing to cover herself with dignity in a swimming pool, because she was uncomfortable to expose herself. This incident was published all around the world and in leading news channels, and largely manipulated giving it a racist and sexist face. Although supported by few but she was attacked by hatred and threatened by large number on social platforms. Maryya Dean Rajkumar handled the matter with dignity and with a calm mind, which was a huge surprise! Especially for a person who was suffering from bipolar disorder and was suicidal just a few months ago.
Although she suffered fair amount of trauma, but her courageous act ignited a spark of hope in many who were suffering from mental illness, and she became an inspiration to all. During this time she was able to save numerous life with her talks and friendly concealing. She is now invited by large number of colleges and organisations in England for sharing her experience, and her story from struggle to triumph.
She has been approached by many NGOs, Organisations and government bodies from around the world! Especially from India who wants her to join hands with them in the fight against mental disorder and women empowerment.
Maryya Dean Rajkumar is now the founder of an organisation called “We Value Life”
Which is form to spread awareness about mental health and fights for women safety and women empowerment, in collaboration with many government and private organisations.
If you are lucky enough to get a second chance make it worth while. Maryya Dean Rajkumar is living a much meaningful live and is now an inspiration.

13 thoughts on “Global Human Rights Campaign

  1. I heartily support this global campaign.
    Every individual is unique, every person have right to choose there religion and follow the customs. No one has right to take away our freedom from us, given by law. Gender discrimination, minority harassment is a crime. People should be sensitised and brought to light regarding the unknown issues over the world. Right to equality is been violated in this case. I being a social worker support this good cause. Hope there will be a change in our society.


  2. Im supporting to marryadean. In this world everyone have the right to worship there religion. And that people will aware about human rights and he can think its human being and more over that ,,, is that this was the way he behaving to a women???


  3. I! With my whole heart support Maryya Dean and the global campaign.
    God bless her.

    The most difficult thing in the world is to be a woman,
    And you did it so graceful!
    So everything else for you,
    is just a piece of cake.

    ( in support) 👊👊
    kamaljit Singh


    1. It’s time to unite for a cause called humanity leaving all differences. I salute Maryya for the Iron Lady that she is. She is my hero, my role model! Being a mum, a businesswoman and a person fighting with bipolar, it’s impossible to stand fearlessly on her own for a reason far greater then herself. It’s is a honour to stand by her side and be the part of this global fight.
      India is with Maryya Dean Rajkumar


  4. This planet truly needs more brave and courages people like Maryyadean who has the zeal to stand against all odds. You are an inspiration to humanity. I support you.


  5. Human Rights ” is a basic right of all living beings. Human rights is now a global issue.
    I think it’s a time to do something for” Rights” for all Mankind’s and other living beings of ALL AGES, RACES and RELIGIONS.
    So best of luck Maryya for going to be the voice of the ” RIGHTS”.


  6. I support Maryya wholeheartedly.
    One part of men says women not to show their body. Another part of men says women to show off their body.It’s not their business to tell women what to wear and what not to wear. women would wear what they are comfortable with.It’s their right.Gender & Racial discrimination should be eradicated .
    Thumbs up to the courageous women to stand & speak up for her rights & other women.
    All the very best Maryya.


  7. Human right is a basic right to all living being.respect to everyone specially women ..
    ” humne kya paa liya h insan se nafrat karke …insan ho insan se mahobat karke pura jahan paa liya h…i support with u..


  8. I strongly condemn the act of not taking action against the perpetuator. No one has the right to discriminate anyone in terms of gender, caste, race or anything. My support is with you sir for it is not the problem of one Marya but many. To make this successful many hands needs to be joined. And thank you for taking initiative and bringing this into the light.


  9. With my whole heart support Maryya Dean and the global campaign. My pray for you ever
    we all not born to impress everyone in the world. Do what do you wish, don’t care about others who discourage you by their words, sights and however. Everyone has problem in every where. don’t give up any silly things. Girls be strongly. “Love yourself and think you are also the best in the world”


  10. Rightly said by the above commentors. Its very disgusting to restrict a persons privacy and wish. Its happening to most of the girls and women in the society in the name of race, culture and tradition. The culture which restricts their privacy is also favour for their self respect and status. We the youths of 21st century change our value system and respect females. I heartly support your views and thoughts sir. 😊


  11. Great initiative. .it will change our perception. Great move always have some temporary barriers. We should not worried about that.


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