Maryya Dean Over-all Experience

I am writing this for my justice based on recent events on how I and my family was treatment at the pool and the fabricated comments posted on the tabloid newspapers.

I believe everyone has his/her own culture and values in life. I am a British Citizen and I am a women of self-respect and dignity yes I am also a very open-minded person and I do follow my religious commitment and belief which I strongly know every one of us uphold dearly. I have never seen in any civil law or constitution that a woman MUST wear bikinis to the pool, I strongly believe it’s a personal choice and from what happened to me and my family it sounds like that man is trying to use my experience as a false example to many. I am 100% sure the man who started this and verbally assaulted me and my family will never understand the truth and how wrong he is. I am also 110% sure that tabloids such as those who participated in this incident are motivated by money and not by the truth, as the fabricated comments and the entrance into my privacy, taking photos from my Facebook page clearly states why I strongly believe this.

Right now I really need All those, those who will always stand by the truth no matter what, those who do not know the full length of the story to stop taking unjust sides and come to reality. I want all of you to Kindly visit my blog to find out the full story and stop living in ignorance believing fake news from the press. You all deserve to know the TRUTH. In order to make my justice known to all I am willing to translate this experience from English to other languages particularly Portuguese. I have after many discussions with the Real estate manager have decided it is now time to reveal the name of the people directly involved and are behind this injustice, you will find below the contact details you have been much awaiting for.

Joana Muchagata

Enecondominios, Lda.

Quinta da Mosqueira

8200-562 Ferreiras

Further more I am also providing you the details of the kind gentlemen below

Who was a witness to my distress, and my sharing with him the story of the incident after it happened, he was so kind and caring and supported me so much and I was only just a customer in his shop, I just so happened to have told him about my incident and he was very sympathetic, he has come forward to make himself known to the media and is shilling to give his statement, so those of you who think this incident never occurred, this honourable man will be able to shed light to this situation, and bring me to justice.

Fito store

Mr Ivan Molina

Av.dos Descobrimentos 2, 8200-260

Albufeira, Portugal

Lastly I would like to say we should stand united as men and women against radical Muslims (ISIS) and not against women, not against Muslim women.

I have also translated my experience in Portuguese and some other languages – a very big thank you to my dear friend Monica N for doing the Portuguese translation.

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