Your Jealousy

Do you look at me,
And feel the rage of jealousy?
For I am the inspiration
You can never, ever be.
You tried to tread on my feelings,
And crush me with your pain,
You did this so many times,
For you it became a game.
You said I was a devil’s child,
Possessed, confused and depressed.
So today, I stand tall, and I object,
To your theories and your threats.
Do I bother you that much,
When I walk along that path?
A path that once stood,
Close to your heart.
I gave you my all,
I once called you a friend,
A feeling I will never, ever bring back,
As long as I live, until the very end.
Your jealousy tore us apart,
With no remorse in your heart.
In my eyes now,
You’re just a lowlife tart,
With no class,
Living in my past.

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