The Voices

The visions, the voices they make no sense,
They put me through a lot of suspense.
Do I say, or do I carry on, or do I just pretend,
Or will it go away in a short instant?
To my surprise, they call me to the other side,
Do I stay, or do I go,
My mysterious mind tells me I would never know.
I take a step forward and two steps back,
My mind wanders and tells me it’s a hack.
So I can see a little smile looking at me,
The sweet voices of angels sitting at my feet,
‘Don’t go,’ they say,
Because you’re here to stay,
To see what will become,
The future of your loved ones.
There is a future, this life, there is everything to see,
There is a photo in darkness, so vague, it’s missing a figure of me.
The angels they then get louder and they speak,
‘Come with us, don’t bow to them. You’ll become weak.’

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