These bullies need to stop their ways,
As I become their everyday prey.
These bullies need to stop their act.
These bullies need to be unwound on their tracks. Before they pick on another innocent life,
We should unite,
And put up a fight,
For this torture,
Isn’t right.
I know how this feels,
I’ve been a victim for far too long,
My dear God, please, make me strong.
For everyday it happens,
Doesn’t it seem to you it’s wrong?
The words come thick and fast,
As I approach my class.
This feeling I hide inside,
But it’s not nice.
I feel hurt,
As I’m treated like dirt.
The physical violence needs to stop,
Before it’s too late.
I don’t want to unknowingly make the mistake, And stoop to the level in haste,
As I defend myself.
And break,
The promises I made to my dear mother and father, That I’ll be an inspiration to others.
Please, God, I ask you once again,
Bring me out of this misery and pain, Before I start putting on you the blame.

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