The bitter struggle and the true effects of Mental illness and how it has touched the life of Maryya!

Over the years there have been stories and cases of individuals facing a very deep and deadly illness known as “Mental health” Maryya is an example of one who has faced and fought with it. Her life has been full of twists and turns. With many deaths In her family, attempted suicide (many times), self – harm, postpartum depression, stalkers, spiritual possession, mental abuse, and physical abuse…. She fought to overcome her personality disorder, and bipolar disorder.. The story of Maryya has touched so many and is still changing others. According to one reviewer she said;

“The story of Maryya was heart wrenching and I could not put this book down. I really wish I could give it more than the five Stars. Amazing, Maryya well done. I cannot wait to read more from you”

Another said;

“I have cried multiple times from this powerful masterpiece. But, this line… This line I can’t get over. It sums up so much in my life along with my eating disorder and BDD, ADD, OCD, ADHD and much more. I want to thank you… Thank you for writing this. I want the book on my kindle and my bookshelves”.

One main cause of this illness is bullying and children affected by bullying is increasing year on year and sadly in certain cases does lead to them committing suicide. Children cannot always speak out and the bullies do not stop speaking. What we need to know is that What is bullying to a child of fragile mind maybe nothing more than harmless play to another.

With no doubt you can conclude that maryya although being a victim of mental illness she successfully gained victory over it. What more can we say, Maryya having gone through the tough transitions of her mental illness she is able to connect with you and is able to elaborate on symptoms your discovering or are refusing to accept. She is indeed the best Councillor for mental health issues and now she has created this blog on mental health to educate the world and save many as possible who are presently facing this condition, helping them Know more about mental health in general and how it will affect their live. Maryya advises all to find the strength within their selves to read and learn about mental illness, for anyone might just be that someone who will help and save the life of another facing this illness.

This blog will give you practical ways to understand your conscious awareness and how your thoughts influence the direction of your life. You will learn where your troubling thoughts reside and how to dissipate them by constantly reading every article on the blog starting from this moment.